The Life-centered Design Collective

Fostering the Life-centered Design mindset

About the Collective

Our Life-centered Design Principles

9 principles to guide life-centered thinking and doing

  1. 1. Purpose over profit

    We choose purpose as a driver for our decision-making, over profit, which is viewed as a means to a higher goal that serves the many.

  2. 2. Inspired by nature

    We apply Biomimicry and therefore take inspiration from natural systems and nature as a whole.

  3. 3. Interconnected

    We apply systems thinking and aim to uphold the balance of the ecosystem.

  4. 4. Lifecycle aware

    Choosing a holistic approach and regarding the whole lifecycle of a solution.

  5. 5. Long term thinking & doing

    Applying long-term thinking and aiming for sustainable and regenerative solutions.

  6. 6. Sufficiency

    Focussing on what is important and leaving out unnecessary complexity if it does not add value.

  7. 7. Equal and thriving

    Aiming for services, systems and products that are socially just and ethical throughout their whole lifecycle.

  8. 8. De-centring and reimagining

    Questioning the status quo and current solutions with the goal to change the world for the better for all life.

  9. 9. Acknowledging of all lifeforms

    Considering all peoples, species and environments while designing products, systems and services.

About the Collective

Why we exist and our purpose

The Life Centered Design Collective is a small group of designers and educators with varying backgrounds. Our goal is to bring together people, skills and knowledge that advance the practice and advocate for the philosophy of life-centered design.

We imagine a world where all life and long-term effects are top of mind while creating products, services and systems.

If you have questions or just want to get in touch, feel free to contact anyone of our members .

Members of the collective

The founders of the Life Centered Design Collective, who are driving things forward:

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Friends of the collective

The people supporting the Life Centered Design Collective whenever possible:

  • Portrait of Timo Clasen

    Timo Clasen

    Frontend Engineer @Steuerbot with a passion for fast and sustainable web experiences.

    Building LifeCenteredDesign.Net together with his wife Katharina.

  • Portrait of Monika Sznel

    Monika Sznel

    User Experience Researcher and cultural anthropologist. In the era of Anthropocene & climate change, she is an advocate for including non-human stakeholders’ needs into the design process. Her ideas are presented in a collection of articles around environment-centered design on Medium.

  • Portrait of Madeleine van Venetie

    Madeleine van Venetie

    Senior User Experience Designer